And I came across Deep Work

Well, some things will change here…

If it’s not helping what I intend to Deep Work on, I don’t do it.

I intend to Deep work on my writing skills and make my writing more compelling. Therefore, excessive writing tasks are not intense enough to yield valuable results.

My goal is to have valuable and rare results.

I originally journaled because I felt it freed me a little bit from the day. But this is not a focused journal. If it were a journal about how I’m progressing on my Deep Work, like I scoreboard, then it would be helpful.

Otherwise, all of the self-writing that alleviates my brain processing of thought is much being done on my Notepad on Excel. It’s timed and easily accessible.

If it doesn’t help turn my writing into compelling writing, then I don’t do it. That’s the rule for the next weeks, at least.

Focus on the concept of writing

If I want to become a better writer, not only I should keep reading, not only I should keep writing, but it will get even better if I understand people more.

Seeing through people is a quality many writers have. They distill traits and character of people they have come across. They see them in such a rich way that they become intensely creative when they describe them.

But you don’t have to be describing people if you want to become a writer. You can describe concepts. Find rich metaphors. Explore analogy and how some principles are universal to different fields.

I’m trying to become I better writer. I guess the best way to practice is to take risks. There is literary nothing to lose.

I’m spending my day reading and learning principles that I believe I should bear in mind for any future endeavor. Taking risk is one of the principles. Deep understanding of what others want is another.

I’m discovering all of that, so I’m trying to navigate through the wisdom. There are parts that I should try now, and other advice that I can go back to afterwards.

But finding who would listen is the first step. Understanding worldviews of others. And searching for value that can be created.

Just keep on researching, or just in mind that there a tribes that need you, and there are tribes that want you to lead them.

Basically what I try to do here is to focus on something that is of interest to me and that people want to learn about. The concept of writing is quite a good match for now.

Writing for a tribe instead

Hello again. i wrote almost everything on the other daily blogs.

I feel that my need to write is a monster eating all my energy reserves.

I should cut that out to the 20% that needs such energy.

The thing with this type of journalling is that I don;t need to research anything. I just tell my story. That’s why it is so enjoyable. And 20% blog should be the same: enjoyable.

I should not be feeling "oh crap, I have to create value to this people again"

I trust Seth Godin when he says that he enjoyed working on businesses that work more that on businesses that failed but he enjoyed working one. Buyakacha!

I nee to restrain, focus and make it count. What I’m doing right now doesn’t count, in term of 2050 goal, but it more counts for the long long term self-reflection. I’m not sure I’m helping anybody with this. I’m not sure that I’m helping myself.

But this writing feels quick though, I don’t feel it like a pain. Although there is good reason to believe that it’s pumping my energy.

This can turn to be a navel-gazing daily exercise, even if I do a lot of those already. I don’t know it doesn’t seem reasonable.

But what will I be replacing this with? Not sure… I’m not sure which tribe I want to cater. I have to find out. If I frame an activity that is more pertinent to my 2050 goal, then priorities will take order. This will vanish to be replaced by a more "catering" writing.

I’m on the right path, the simplified one

Here we are.

You are the 4 account I’m writing on. There is certainly a lot of writing. But I think it’s good. Because I asking questions from different angles. I just feel tired doing it now because I spent the afternoon bingeing on the only series I watch…And will ever watch.

Seriously. This seems pointless. I just want to liberate my brain from the stress of knowing that I missed watching that season. I though "well, one day a year wouldn’t hurt".

It actually physically does. It hurts my brain. And I don’t know why. Just of fear of missing out. That’s evident.

Oh well, let;s get this over with.

other than that, I did find my first burning pain. I expressed an interesting point about my last 2 years and how i changed.

How I had no marks when I started. Why Noah Kagan course didn’t help me. How I radically changed all my activities therefore making me have few interests, and few places that I can leverage for information, for burning pain research, for knowing a niche I can cater,

But after all this time. I developed and got deeper in my then-new interest. I know what is building websites, SEO, the entrepreneurs community. I also read a lot more. I saw businesses go up. I programmed, I exercised. I saw what it’s like to fail on a business idea. But got up. And for the first time, re-starting the loop over again.

So I’m on the right path. I feel confident. Especially that I massively reduced and simplified my days.

The only thing that I feel it’s urgent to setup. Is weekly goals. Adopt a weekly vision of my progress, I don’t have activities that I do "every week". I failed to develop that. I can do daily habits, but haven’t succeeded at weekly habits. But I’m sure I will come up with something.

Think the long game

I should be a support for others endeavors. Not everyone can constantly believe in themselves.

Many people need someone that connects the dots for them, someone that tell that what they do is safe. Persuade them that they are making the right choice.

The obstacles are emotional. They know what to do, they are just afraid if they should do it. You doesn’t know that jumping in a pool from a high place is not really dangerous, but they are still afraid. They start making all different kinds of scenarios in which something is wrong.

But once they do it. They are the happiest people on earth. They know they should do it, they are just fighting their fear.

You can be someone that makes them win the fight. You can the person that shows that there is no real danger. Few decisions are irreversible.

That’s what I learned today. I wanted to come up with a clear plan on how I should do that. But I’m still trying to navigate the mayhem of wisdom.

Rather than thinking in days, I understood that I should start thinking, in weeks, months and years. The Noah Kagan weekend business has just poisoned my way of thinking.

Yes there are simple ways to test your assumption, but don;t think that a weekend is all it takes to succeed. Seriously. There should be a strong foundation that you developed behind the curtain. So that when the comes, you are able to come up with groundbreaking decision over a weekend..if that’s your drill.

Instead, I don’t want to do a weekend thing. there is no such thing as a weekend for me. There is no such thing as a weekend.

Just build your grounds. Keep reading, listening, prepare your setting and think that the crops are sowed today to yield next year.

Wisdom of books I’ve read: here is the link.

Following a simple a plan

Jumping from a task to another. My brain was bubbling.

See… that’s a test for how self-aware I really am. I don’t really recall what I did. It’s just a mess of different readings I did. Some Listening. "Selling the invisible". Then Derek Sivers, but mostly me self-writing about my approach and how I intend to reinforce others’ worldviews.

You should know that it’s all meaningless. If you keep being self-conscious about what they think it will never heal.

So what I did was mostly trying to write down my thoughts. The chain of reflective interrogations led me to different paths.

Then I felt overwhelmed. I remembered simplicity and ONEthing-ness. Which I did.

I figured that people draw positivity from one major thing to another. For example reading books means they will understand the world better, that gives them encouragement and persuade to act, they feel excited and supported to reach results. And if they believe in themselves, they reach what they envisioned.

It’s just a matter of belief.

Let’s keep this simple. And work from paper and pencil. Draw a plan, follow it until something appears wrong. Make changes, tweaks here and there and keep at it.

If you want to receive wisdom of my readings, here is the link.